I realized after doing a 30 day no dairy challenge a couple months ago that challenging myself became a thrill, so I decided to do another challenge.  This time I decided to log 100 miles in 30 days.  Most of the miles I ran but I did include some walking miles.  I continue to surprise myself with how far I have come with my running and building my endurance.  Running has become my therapy, its my "me" time.  I also continue to be so impressed with how well my knees feel, even after all these miles I put on them in the last 30 days.  I will forever be grateful for adding sea moss to my diet for that reason alone, the rest of the benefits are just added bonuses! 

I kept a written log of all my miles.  This way I had something to refer back to and could keep notes on how different runs went.  I also always changed up my running or walking locations.  This helped to keep it interesting and didn’t allow me to get bored.  Some flat runs, some slow runs, some hill runs, some hill walks.  It is what worked for me and got me through the month!

June 1: 3 mile run

June 2 & 3: no run, storms after work and no babysitting for my son

June 4: 4 mile run

June 5: 3.6 mile AM walk with Dad

4 mile run after walk

June 6: 6 mile run

Had to start to catch up for not running for two days earlier in the week

Very hot but happy with my time               

June 7: 4 mile run

1 mile walk

Tried hard to run last mile but I was tired

June 8: 4 mile run

June 9: 3 mile run

June 10: no run

June 11: 3 mile run

.25 hill walk

1 mile run

Over shot my time, ran to far had to call for a ride because of babysitting

Very challenging run, big hill hence the .25 mile walk in the middle of the run. (I will complete this big loop eventually, future goals!)           

June 12: 10 mile run

Felt great in this run, I started with the goal of 6 miles and felt to good to stop there

June 13: no run

Legs felt extremely heavy and tired from the 10 mile run the day before

Choose to do an upper body workout at home 

June 14: 4.5 mile run

Legs still heavy, slow run

June 15: Halfway! 3.5 mile run

Legs still heavy, wanted to quit half way through

By this point I realize its easier to stay on track because a 10 mile run in the middle to catch up requires adequate rest 

June 16: 3 mile run

Fast run, flat ground

Ankles are starting to hurt from running every day

June 17: 1 mile walk

Walk with Frankie and Ziva after an upper body workout

June 18: 4 mile run

June 19: 2 mile run

Fast!! Possibly fastest mile ever (8:03 mile time)

June 20: 6 mile run

Started this run with ZERO motivation but felt too good after I started to stop

June 21: 4 mile run

June 22: 2 mile run

June 23: 4 mile run

June 24: 3.7 mile walk with Dad

3 mile run

My ankles still have a slight ache

June 25: 3 mile run

June 26: 5.45 mile run

I started this run knowing I was already over 90 miles for the month and decided to push myself to see how far I can go over 100 now!

June 27: No run

Couldn't fit one in with work and babysitting

June 28: 7 mile run

Nice slow run, focused on distance over speed

June 29: No run 

My sons birthday so spent the day with him

June 30: 6 miles

My last run! Felt great! Nice pace, enjoyed it!


I ended my challenge with 109 tracked miles!  I am so proud of myself! I will defiantly be repeating this challenge.  Although I started to get little aches and pains from running almost everyday it was worth it! I loved pushing myself and going even further than my goal!  I also learned things I will do differently the next time.

I love a great challenge!! Next one is dairy free for the month of July.  Also started a 30 day ab challenge.  Hoping for great results! Til next time!

Moss up!