The biggest thing when it comes to health and fitness for long term results is consistency.  And consistency doesn’t necessarily mean doing the exact same thing over and over again.  It just means making sure you are consistent with choosing a healthier and more fit lifestyle.  Even though you choose the healthier lifestyle everyday it doesn’t mean that continual changes won’t happen over time.   I often have to adapt to changes I choose to make monthly, weekly or even daily at times.  Over the last two years I have made many changes and will continue to make changes going forward.  Not everything works for everyone, its finding what works for you that’s most important.

January 2019 is when I decided I needed to make changes in my life to better myself as a person for me and my son.  After going through the trauma for a couple months and getting myself into a mental state to start the journey to the best me I decided by March 2019 I was ready to start a fitness routine.  I started out with running and it became my passion.  I have always worked out in the past, on and off.  I ran before also.  But I never committed myself to something and stuck with it.  This time I wanted to stay with it and do it for me.  As I started running more daily it became something I was falling in love with.  I was finding different ways to challenge myself.   Could I run further this time, faster this time, more hills this time?  I realized this was my, “me time”.  This was the time I could unwind and enjoy doing something for me.  Running will be something that will always be part of my fitness routine.

Around February 2020 I decided to add more to my fitness routine.  I reached out to a local personal trainer and decided to start getting introduced to weights and machines and different things I could do outside of running.  On a side note, if you are local to Berks County, I found the best local personal trainer, Eagle.  If you ever need a positive, motivational boost or just a kick in the ass, he’s the one!  I began training with him twice a week to start getting use to the gym and finding new things to do.  By March 2020 the virus came and things shut down and the gym was now out of the picture but I didn’t want this to stop me and my goals.  I continued to see my personal trainer at parks and found ways to make it work.  I started to buy equipment for at home and found things that I could do to stay fit.  

Also, March of 2020 is when another big part of my life began to change.   I decided it was time to start taking better control of the foods and products I was consuming.  The first thing I did was I added sea moss to my daily diet.  After I started to notice the amazing benefits it was providing me I started to get excited about continuing to make changes.  I started to cut things out of my diet and started to read labels and realized how bad some things were that I was consuming.  I was beginning to realize that if I wanted to take full control of my fitness, I needed to take what I was consuming more seriously.

I began to make small changes in the “kitchen”.  I was finding healthier options of the foods I liked and finding many more plant-based, organic or natural foods I liked.  I also was making forever changes in foods I was eating. Ie. Oat milk, avocado butter, plant-based waffle mix.  All the fruits and vegetables I buy are organic.  Soups, beans, pasta and peanut butter are a few other things I have found healthier options for.  These are all things I changed slowly over the last year.  I didn’t make all the changes at once so that I was better accepting of the changes and it wasn’t so hard.  As time passes, I continue to make changes and look for healthier options.  I also allow myself to have cheat days or meals, just things to reward myself for my hard work.

I also started to make changes with the things I used for hygiene.  After 5 or 6 different brands and types of deodorants I finally found a natural deodorant I love that actually works!  I’m still working on finding a shampoo and conditioner I love but eventually Ill find the one for me.  I continue to switch my body soap between a bar of sea moss soap and a natural body wash I find.  I even use a natural hemp seed oil face wash that I love.

I also randomly will do different monthly challenges.  Just a little something to mix it up and keep things interesting and fun.  Two different months I went completely diary free.  Also, June 2020 I had a goal to run 100 miles in 30 days.  I ended the month with 109 miles!!  I am currently doing a 30-day weight loss yoga challenge.  Its exciting setting goals and reaching them.  It just makes you feel good!  I’ve also been practicing holding a handstand.  I can only hold it for a couple seconds every once and awhile but if I keep trying and stay consistent with it, I know Ill get it! And then Ill feel accomplished! I also use an apple watch that has rings that I try to reach daily.  It helps keep me accountable to staying active.

So, to bring this all to a close I just want to say over the last two years I have chosen to stay consistent with bettering myself in every way possible.  I have also made more changes throughout these last two years with my fitness and health than I have my entire life.  Or that’s how it feels.  So, whenever you choose you want to start towards a healthier lifestyle expect there to be changes, but as long as you stay consistent and true to yourself you will see results.  Be happy and proud in small victories so you can celebrate the big things when they come! 

Moss up!