I was nursing an injury for almost a month.  On a lengthy run I noticed the pain, it started in my hip and went down my hamstring.  I decided to rest for a week from running.  I still did some light cardio and light lifting. I was even doing yoga here and there hoping to stretch out whatever was going on.  After no running for a week, I decided to give it a shot and see how I felt even though I still slightly felt the pain.  After my run I realized the week I rested from running wasn’t enough.  I began icing and doing yoga more frequently.  I didn’t run for almost 3 weeks.  I even took a few days off from any working out completely.

For me running is MY thing!  It helps me personally with so many things, mentally and physically.  It is the time I take for me.  So, it was hard, I mean really hard to not do what I loved but I also knew that if I didn’t listen to my body telling me something wasn’t right, I would be out for the long haul.

Mentally I really started to notice it was affecting me because I felt like I couldn’t release emotions and stress I usually did when I ran.  Physically I had gained a few pounds, because we all know running is the best pound shedder.  I had to figure something out to help with my struggles.  This is when I decided to devote more time to yoga and mediation.  I began to do it on a more daily basis.  I also found at home workouts or light lifting workouts to get me through this time.  It helped, it got me by.

Now I am back to running and starting to feel myself again.  I have been easing back into my running game and it’s going well.  I signed up for my first half marathon. I’m slowly increasing my distance in preparation for the race.  I’m so excited to have an official one under my belt.

From this whole experience I have realized that its best to listen to your body.  It’s really that simple when it comes to injuries.  Deep down all I wanted to do was run that whole time, but I knew if I did, I could have caused something more serious to happen and could have been down for a longer amount of time.  The challenge I had to overcome was accepting there is nothing to replaces running for me and still finding a way to workout.