Sea moss has changed my life in the most healthiest way possible.  Its so amazing to me all the benefits I  have encountered from just one tablespoon a day.  Every morning I make a shake and add this tasteless liquid gold and enjoy the everyday benefits of it.  I would like to share the numerous benefits I have personally experienced from adding sea moss to my daily diet. 

Knees- I started running in March of 2019 on a more daily schedule.  By July my knees began to hurt and running on the pavement I assumed wasn’t helping.  I started to wear a knee brace but the pain continued.  By fall I joined the gym and started running on the indoor track to try to help my knees and get off the pavement. I did find it slightly bearable but I still ran with pain every run.  My  running slowed down. I was taking ibuprofen on a daily basis to help with the pain.  I wasn’t running as often as I was previously.  Then in February 2020 I started sea moss.  That’s when my life changed in the healthiest way it ever has.  2-3 weeks into using sea moss I noticed a huge change in my knees.  My pain was going away.   I was beginning to be able to run on a more daily schedule and eventually I started running without my knee brace.  Also I stopped having to take ibuprofen.  That’s when I began to realize how amazing sea moss was!

Digestion- I'll begin by saying sorry if this is TMI but its worth sharing.  Before I started taking sea moss I went to the bathroom on an average of 2-3 times a week.  I would go days without going.  After starting sea moss I noticed that I was going on a daily schedule. Sea moss defiantly makes me more regular and makes my insides feel clean. 

Energy-  I would say within 1-2 months of taking sea moss I noticed I had more daily energy. It became much easier to wake up in the morning.  It was easier to workout or run after I finished a full work day.  I noticed I was challenging myself more with my runs.  I would run longer or shorter, faster runs.  I was also starting to challenge myself with workouts using weights and personal training sessions. 

Weight loss- Although most of my recent weight loss was from last year when I began running on a daily schedule and having a shake for breakfast, I did reach a plateau that I felt like I couldn’t overcome.  After starting sea moss and feeling like I had the extra energy to keep pushing through my workouts and continue to challenge myself I noticed that I was over coming that plateau and I lost around 15 pounds from mid February to the end of May.  I also lost over 2 inches on my waist line.  I noticed I was losing body fat and building more muscle.

Personal training- I also started personal training in February and that helps keep my motivation going.  I found the best trainer, ever!  Eagle has helped me reach goals I never thought I could.  He continues to motivate me and push me! I feel like my training sessions allow me to push my self even further than I thought I could.  I truly believe that sea moss helps in the extra energy I find to get through my intense workouts. 

Mental Clarity-  Another feeling I have since I started sea moss is my mental clarity.  I feel like I am in a more positive mood everyday.  I have learned to enjoy the smaller things in life and take everyday for what its worth.  I wake up feeling more positive and able to enjoy my days. 

Nails-  After 3 months of taking sea moss I noticed that my nails were starting to feel stronger.  After working at the post office for almost 5 years and dealing with hundreds of pieces of mail and opening and closing mailboxes all day it takes its toll on your hands.  My nails would break all the time.  But now I noticed my nails are much stronger and don’t break as easily.

Now I’m at the point where I do not see myself ever going without sea moss.  It has been one of the best things to happen to me and I love noticing all the benefits I am getting from it.  Its truly something special!!

Moss up!