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Let’s take a look at why each ingredient was chosen in this 1st of it’s kind body butter ever created.

SEA MOSS contains vitamin A, which improves the sebum production. As sea moss is a rich source of vitamin E, it improves hair growth. Fights against oxidative stress, which is the main culprit behind hair loss. Moisturizes the Scalp. Sebaceous glands present on the scalp secrets sebum that are responsible for moisturizing your scalp, resulting in dandruff-free hair. Healthier Skin and Hair. Because sea moss is rich in sulfur, it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help combat acne and aging skin. When applied as a mask, it has a very soothing quality that some people even use to help with eczema, dermatitis, burns and psoriasis.

GERANIUM OIL is commonly used as an element in aromatherapy
for its many health benefits. It’s used as a holistic treatment to improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Used by the Egyptians for promoting beautiful and radiant skin, geranium oil is now used to treat acne reduce inflammation alleviate anxiety and balance hormones. This sweet-smelling oil can also uplift your mood, lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness.

BEES WAX an efficient covering material for the already present water molecules within your skin and on top of it. That helps our skin retain its moisture and protect it from drying up. However, this protective layer of beeswax over the skin is particularly good for preventing acne since it doesn’t clog up our pores.

COCONUT OIL reduces dryness by locking in moisture. It also removes impurities and helps soothes irritated skin.

VITAMIN E is a powerful antioxidant that may be effective at reducing UV damage in skin. And vitamin E applied topically may help nourish and protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals.

MANGO BUTTER. The abundance of Vitamin C in mangos may help protect your skin from environmental stressors like sunlight, pollution, and even blue light from screens.

SHEA BUTTER helps with your skins tissue cell regeneration which is the softening of the skin. This ultimately helps with the appearance of wrinkles that already exist, as well as preventing those from developing due to the elasticity of your skin by boosting collagen levels produced.

HEMP OIL can get you the thick, healthy hair you want. It is full of lipids which will bring moisture and shine to your hair. It will strengthen strands that are fragile and breakable.